I have been working with web-development roughly for a decade. Started as typical PHP/JS developer with knowledge of MySQL that was not even close to par what would have been required. Since then I concentrated couple of years learning CSS at the same time giving support for it through IRC, this way I got into international business working on sites. Couple of years spending time as a professional developer I changed my studies to SQL and MySQL and am still on that route.


IBM (no certificate)
Two four week courses in 2003 and 2005 for customer service, technical support and troubleshooting
Random IT Courses Which Are Irrelevant for PHP and MySQL (no certificate)
Elementary School


Current Web Developer 2017-

Currently working on this and that, mostly on core application which can be found from Github, it does require loads of refactoring to standardize it to comply with PSR-* standards. Also to add micro frameworks to handle templating and requests. Those teach me a bit of newer programming styles. The core can be seen in action at ProPilkki 2 SM-Liiga website. All of the pages are created from single text file that has results from competition round per match.

Across Limited Web Developer 2016 - 2016

Temporary position to speed up development of handful of different websites build on Joomla and Moodle that were buggy or needed some remodeling.

Wild Card Consulting Limited (iGame) Web Developer 2016 - 2016

Worked as an PHP-Developer for two affiliate web-sites Pokerisivut.com and Pokeritieto.com which both are build on top of Drupal 6. Main responsibilities were implementing new features to Pokeritieto.com with JS and PHP, fixing layout bugs and linux server administration. The typical stack for web developer.

Freelancer 2009 - 2015

As a freelancer I have worked on multitude of projects which are online still even the oldest. But what to show for you is another topic as I ain't an designer even can fold website layouts from PSD files quite easily. My career highlights has been been working with MODX LLC. on propriety software to their customers and would say that personal work that I am still proud is two search engines for RSPCA Australia that seek with Haversine formula through database for qualified resellers. That time MySQL GIS was not any help in terms of speed.

Also have done graphical design for my brothers Subway restaurant, both poster designs and news paper adverts in varying sizes. The designing also included campaign brain storming with "marketing team".

Frosmo Ltd Web Developer 2008 - 2009
Worked on propriety gaming platform which has been abandoned now when Frosmo concentrated their business model on eCommerce and social marketing. Main tasks were website integrations to other sites, flash game testing/hacking and bug fixing in general.
w3create (W3 Group Finland Oy) Web Developer 2008 - 2008
Worked on suomikauppa.com eCommerce website. Was offered a position from Frosmo that time. They offered the same salary but lot warmer environment to work with.
4Ks Finland Oy Web Developer 2007 - 2008
Worked as a lead developer for risk management applications. Rewrote 4Ks Pesu (Pelastussuunnitelma) application which is still used by the company. Would not know it but was consulting on database side at 2014 spring for them. Also was in hiring position and the person who we got during my time continued at the company till 2014.
IBM Ireland Advocate Customer Service Representative 2005 - 2007
Basic technical support job that escalated to 24/7 team after few months where I had more privileges than typical personnel. These privileges included acting team leader rights and access to multitude of applications that were not typically seen. But with rights came a cost, we had to support critical softwares which had SLA of 1hour. Other tasks what we had during day shifts was to act as senior workers who knew everything. If we did not, we invented the solutions and they worked. So cannot say that it was only me, it was duality who worked as one mind. No, not a Borg.
IBM Scotland Technical Support Agent 2003 - 2004
Technical support for end-users on desktop computers
Irrelevant Work Before IT-"Career"1999 - 2003
Worked as a do-it-all person, at the end of line in print. At the same print did work as substitute for head of the department for 9 weeks when was 17 but that was mainly due to my IT skills already at that time. Since then also worked at factory that produced plastic goods, there my positions varied from IT to truck driving. Also on my "freetime" I did practice programming with different languages and generally kept local "helpdesk" for those who needed help.


Programming and Related
(Relation model) Database Design and Queries
MySQL Administration
JavaScript and Libraries
CSS(2.1/3) Including Foundation5 by Zurb as "Framework"
Linux Administration
NGINX and PHP-FPM administration
Cross-Browser CSS/JS Debugging (Firefox/Chrome/IE/Opera)
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
MS Office
(Un)related / Hobbies
Writing MySQL/PHP related articles
Do play piano
Some discgolf during summer times when it is possible
Reading, usually English literature